Press: Awarded “Year’s Best” Rosé

Year's Best Rosé in Wine & Spirits Magazine

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Wine Day than with this accolade! We’ve just learned that the Estate, 2016 Folded Hills Lilly Rosé has been named by Wine & Spirits Magazine as “Year’s Best”, with a score of 90 points. We never expected this, and are completely shocked and honored.

When we first met Angela, she said “If you are looking to win awards, I am not your winemaker. High scores and medals tend to go to wines that are fuller bodied, made with very ripe fruit and are heavily extracted during fermentation. Whereas my natural winemaking approach is to only work with small lots of organically-farmed grapes and almost no chemical or mechanical interference. I let the grapes speak for themselves, and express the place in which they are grown.”

She was pleased to hear we wouldn’t want it any other way, and a partnership was formed.

Fast forward two years. Little did we know, Angela submitted our first release of wines to the Wine & Spirits Magazine tasting, thinking we had nothing to lose. When we received the email announcing it had been named “Year’s Best” Rosé, we thought it was spam. Once confirmed true, Angela initiated a conference call with the team. There was cheering, laughing, dancing and even a few tears shed.

We are elated that the Lilly Rosé could win such an honorable accolade, without having to sacrifice what we set out to accomplish; make wines that are fresh, pure, an expression of the land and truly handmade.

Congratulations to Angela Osborne and the whole team!

Year's Best Rosé in Wine & Spirits Magazine

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