The Farmstead serves as a place of connection between people, farmer, food, animals and nature. It also holds our retail shop and adjacent organic fields. You can visit the shop to pick up delicious food, or slow down, unplug and gather your own from our Upick fields. Although the notion of being present is not new, it is becoming increasingly rare, giving us all the more reason to preserve this simple but rewarding way of life.


The Farmstead shop is filled with local, organic food with a focus on quality. Here, visitors find freshly harvested produce grown in our own fields, produce from our favorite neighboring farms, and small batch staples made by local artisans that we have come to know and love. Additionally, we sell homemade baked goods made by owner Kim and Chef Mark from family recipes that have been handed down through generations.


Sitting just behind the Farmstead are open hillsides where our beloved, heritage animals roam free. Kunekune pigs, goats, miniature donkeys and llamas all venture up to the fences to mingle with visitors, looking for a handout of day old veggies, or a good scratch behind the ears.

Those looking for a more immersive experience into this slower pace of life, can venture across the street to our Upick fields, and harvest their own fruits and vegetables that change with the seasons.


Taking care of the Farmstead is farmer Jack. He fell in love with farming organic, seasonal produce at Wild Blue Farms, followed by an apprenticeship at the UC Santa Cruz Farm & Garden. As his farming techniques developed, he also realized the value of good food and personal connection made possible through farm stands and farmers markets. His unique experience paired with his unassuming and inquisitive nature make him a natural fit for the community feel of the Farmstead. Today, Jack is busy enjoying both the outdoor lifestyle and rewarding nature of the work. He tends to the fields during the day and welcomes our visitors to the shop on weekends. As his skills continue to progress, he is privileged to have the guidance of neighboring Organic Farmer, Tom Shepard.


As we continue to hone our practices, rotating crops, and trying new techniques in agriculture, you may not see the same things twice, but that is all part of our desire to change with the seasons. Regardless, we will always look forward to sharing with you what we produce along the way.