In making Folded Hills wines, our goal is to respect the land and through the wines express its unique voice. With as little interference as possible we let the grapes speak for themselves. At the same time, we strive to craft beautiful wines with a focus on purity. Keeping this in mind, our farming and cellar work are all organic. We wouldn’t do it any other way.


Winemaker Angela Osborne works with grower Ruben Solorzano to select the optimum picking times to capture both freshness and flavor, while also considering the vines’ natural response to the lunar cycle. It’s all part of our promise to make wine in an honest, time-honored way.


We believe in craftsmanship. As a result, Angela brings her love of hands-on, artisanal winemaking to every Folded Hills wine. We often include small portions of whole clusters in our red wine fermentation for structure and depth of flavor. 

To preserve our focus on purity, fermentation is done naturally with ambient primary and secondary yeasts. We aim to bottle wines with energy and vibrancy.


Folded Hills wines are truly handmade, all the while maintaining thoughtful, attentive craftsmanship. The result is a collection of fresh, pure, expressive Rhône wines from the Santa Ynez Valley.