Delicious Vegan Wine and Food Pairings are Possible!

It’s a new year, a new decade, and a new YOU! You are eating cleaner and healthier, but still want to enjoy a delicious glass of wine occasionally. Look for the same cleaner and healthier characteristics in your wine! Folded Hills can help you with that! Our award winning Folded Hills wines are vegan, have no residual sugars, fewer than 1 gram of carbs, no commercial additives, and just a pinch of sulfur to preserve the wine.

What’s The Point?

What is all this hoopla about high points in the wine industry? We, like most industry people, encourage folks to ignore “punctuations” and “accolades” as they are called, and drink what you like. However, you may have noticed that lately we have been shouting our scores from the rooftops. But what do they mean? We will tell you! But first...check ...