Is Preserving Family Legacy Important to You?

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Guests who visit Folded Hills feel it the moment they step out of their car. They immediately fall in love with the animals, come-as-you-are hospitality, and nostalgic setting.

But the qualities we are becoming known for did not come about by chance. They came from a respect for history and family legacy. Yes, we are a California business through and through – but a recent trip back to our hometown, St. Louis, to launch our first vintage of wine, made us realize just how much Folded Hills has been shaped by our roots.

Folded Hills miniature donkeys

If you visit the Farmstead, or even just scroll through our Instagram, it is obvious – we adore animals. Our animals here serve many purposes, but the leading reason we have them is because they make people happy. Animals connect us with nature and are an experience that will forever be part of Folded Hills. Why?

Owner and founder Andy Busch was born and raised at Grant’s Farm, a St. Louis destination that is home to hundreds of animals. “Our family has a long history of protecting and sharing animals. In 1933, my father presented my grandfather six Clydesdales to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition. My father continued the tradition by opening our family home to the public in 1954 and sharing all of our animals, which included elk, bison, and zebra, with everyone who visited, free of charge. One of the first things I did when we purchased Folded Hills was brought over our family donkeys, pigs and goats for the public to pet and feed. Animals give such a sense of joy.”

original settler natale giorgi

Folded Hills feels nostalgic. There is a thoughtful balance of preserving family history while respecting the original settlers of the land. Professionals have told us time and time again that it would be smarter and more cost effective to tear down our Farmstead barns and farmhouse (future tasting room) than to try and repair them. They say it will save a lot of money. What keeps us from heeding their advice? A respect for history.

Our trip to St. Louis reminded us that this respect for history, for hospitality, and our love for the land and for animals started long before Folded Hills. Grant’s Farm is named after General Ulysses S. Grant, who originally settled and farmed the land with his wife, Julia, in 1850. To this day, many of the historical elements of the site have been preserved, including Grant’s Cabin. Grant built the cabin where he and his wife Julia lived and farmed on the land. It is the only remaining structure that was hand-built by a U.S. president. Preserving their home is part of preserving their legacy.

Grants Farm cabin

At Folded Hills, history is not only preserved but also respected. Our forefathers began this tradition. We celebrate it. Our farmhouse, barns, and even long-standing trees remain and serve as the focal point to tell stories of both the land and our St. Louis roots. We hope you will join us in raising a glass at the future tasting room.

We would love to hear from you. Preserving family legacy means more than passing down physical assets. It is about sharing values and a way of life. Is preserving family legacy important to you? If you were to name a wine for your family, what would you call it? Cheers to your heritage and family.

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Everyone is invited. Pick your own berries or fresh flowers. Buy organic produce or homemade baked goods. Say hi to the animals. Relax and Unplug. Open Fri-Sun 11 am to 5 pm. Click Here for directions.

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