What’s The Point?

What is all this hoopla about high points in the wine industry? We, like most industry people, encourage folks to ignore “punctuations” and “accolades” as they are called, and drink what you like. However, you may have noticed that lately we have been shouting our scores from the rooftops. But what do they mean? We will tell you! But first…check out these babies!

2017 Estate Whole “Cluster” Carbonic 
94 Points and Editor’s Choice – Wine Enthusiast

2017 August Red Wine
93 Points – Vinous, Antonio Galloni

2017 Estate Grenache, Reserve
92 Points – Vinous, Antonio Galloni
91+ Points – Robert Parker

2017 Estate Syrah, Reserve
91 Points – Vinous, Antonio Galloni
92 Points – Robert Parker

2017 Syrah, Reserve, Stolpman Vineyard
91+ Points – Robert Parker

2017 August White Wine
90 Points – Wine Enthusiast

2018 Estate Lilly Rosé of Grenache
91 Points and Year’s Best – Wine & Spirits
91 Points – Wine Enthusiast

The 100 point wine scoring system was developed by Robert Parker, one of the world’s premier wine critics. He devised the following system, and many industry leaders like Antonio Galloni, Jen Dunnick and Wine Enthusiast use a version of this scale.

95-100 Classic: a great wine
90-94 Outstanding: a wine of superior character and style
85-89 Very good: a wine with special qualities
80-84 Good: a solid, well-made wine
75-79 Mediocre: a drinkable wine that may have minor flaws
50-74 Not recommended

So what’s the point? During our very first meeting, our wine maker, Angela Osborne, warned us that if we were interested in “chasing points”, she was not our person. Angela is interested in making heartfelt wines that echo the land that grew them. Angela’s wines sing with the joy, the soul, and the reverence she feels for the grapes. We assured Angela that this was a heritage project close to our hearts – not an ego project.

We felt that if we could create wines with a symbiotic relationship between the land, the grapes, and our stories – both ours and Angela’s, and if we put our all into this project, then the wine couldn’t help but reflect that. We created Folded Hills to make the absolute best wine we could make, sparing no expense or effort. Because that is how we do everything – whether or not anyone is looking.

We believe in giving more than we get. We wanted to give our friends and family the best. We didn’t even think of points. It was easy to say to Angela, “nope, we don’t care about points.” We knew that points often went to bigger, bolder, more full-bodied wines than what we and Angela wanted to make. And yet…Folded Hills has been awarded some amazing points. Lovely, high points that prove to the world, to the critics and the naysayers, that there is a place for wines like these. There is a place for heart and soul in a bottle. Folks can taste the love that pours into their glass and graces their table with a little piece of Folded Hills.

So will we chase points going forward? Nope. Will we celebrate with happy dancing when our wines are lauded by critics and fans alike? You betcha! We are beside ourselves that Folded Hills has been blessed with some wonderful accolades and punctuations. We will continue to invite the wine industry to taste. We will pour our wines for them with care and intention as we do each and every pour. We will stay true to our style. We will continue to make delicious small-batch wines. And most of all, we will be intensely and humbly grateful that this project has been so well received by you, by the industry, and by our friends and family.

Kim and Andy Busch

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