clean wine is healthier wine

Clean Wine is Healthier Wine

Like most of you, our team here at Folded Hills is health conscious. We care about what we put into our bodies. We know that clean wine is healthier wine.

Crafting a healthy product is paramount to our mission, and we want to be transparent with you about how we carry this intention into every aspect of our winemaking process.

Because we are a small, family owned winery we never have to cut corners.

We consciously handcraft small batch artisanal wines using very little intervention. The wine in your bottle begins in the vineyard and expresses that year’s unique growing conditions.

When you open a bottle of our wine you will truly taste the sun, the fog, and the ocean breezes that waft over these folded hills.

Here is why you can feel good about drinking Folded Hills wines…

  • Folded Hills grapes are all organically grown following the biodynamic calendar
  • 95% of our grapes are estate grown
  • No residual sugar and 1 gram or less of carbs
  • All wines have less than 120 calories per glass
  • No commercial additives, the FDA allows 76 additives in wine production
  • Extremely low levels of sulfite after fermentation is complete, wines are allowed 350 ppm (parts per million).
  • All Folded Hills wines have less than 20ppm
  • We consciously craft our wines to be low in alcohol
  • Our wines are made using only native yeast
  • We lab test every wine before bottling and make that data available to you
  • We use sustainable practices in the vineyards
  • Our vines and crops are irrigated with crystal clear underground artesian well water, only when absolutely necessary
  • We hand harvest every grape, no machine harvests here, and many of the clusters are foot-tread throughout fermentation

What does this mean for you? It means you can enjoy a clean, low calorie, no sugar glass of wine that’s naturally healthier! Our small production hand-crafted small batch wines also means we sell out fast. Please accept our apologies if you have to wait ’til next year to enjoy your favorites.

Open a bottle, we welcome you to Folded Hills. Click HERE to see our current wines available.

These are just some of the reasons that clean wine is healthier wine! For more information on healthier wines and why you should drink clean, check out these articles…

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Photos by Melissa Gidney

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