The Story of…our August Red Wine – and why Clydesdales are part of it.

“Making Friends is Our Business”
– August A. Busch, Jr.


Have you ever noticed how easy it is to make friends when you show up with a bottle or two of organically grown, hand-crafted wine? If you have ever tried our August Red wine, you’ll know why we call this well-balanced blend our “crowd pleaser.”

Andy and I always tell people that this is the wine to have on hand to take to a friend’s house for dinner, give as a gift, or open on a weeknight or weekend. August Red goes with pretty much everything.

Don’t know what kind of red wine your friends like? Bring the August Red.
Don’t know what they are serving for dinner? Bring the August Red.
You literally can’t go wrong.

It’s also a great “sip-while-cooking” wine. August Red loves cheeses, BBQ, smoked flavors, and a good Santa Maria tri-tip. Click on image below for printable recipe card.

This new 2020 release of August Red is a beautifully balanced blend of 84% Grenache and 16% Syrah and truly expresses the gentle fog that wafts over the Los Padres mountains and blankets the vineyard. You can see the tasting and winemaking notes HERE.

We will be releasing and pouring our August Red blend in both tasting rooms starting this week. Come in, try a sip, and make new friends. To order August Red to take to your friends, click HERE.

Many of you know that our heritage wines are often named for family members, past and present. The August Red is a nod to Andy’s father and grandfather, both named August A. Busch. Andy’s father, “Gussie,” coined the phrase, “Making Friends is our Business.” Gussie was born in 1899 and was 63 years old when Andy was born. Gussie’s business was beer, but we think wine works just as well to share with friends and family.

Gussie was a legend in St. Louis and beyond. He made friends everywhere he went, and his presence was larger than life. His booming, gravelly voice could make folks shake in their boots, while his infectious laughter made you want to tell a joke so you could hear it again and again. Gussie was a marketing whiz, and he understood what made people happy. To mark the repeal of Prohibition, Gussie gifted his father a team of draft horses that he had found in Scotland.

These horses were called Clydesdales and would go on to become one of the world’s most recognizable brand icons. Gussie purchased the St. Louis Cardinals in 1952. He thought, what could possibly go together better than beer and baseball? He may have even invented that quintessential pairing. Every year on opening day and in many of the post-season games, until he was well into his 80s, Gussie drove the eight-horse hitch of Clydesdales out on the baseball field, waving his cardinal red cowboy hat, and the crowd went WILD! Click HERE for a quick video of Gussie.

We hope you will enjoy our 2020 Folded Hills August Red wine and make making friends YOUR business!

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