Grant Grenache Best of 2017 — Why We Love It?

2015 Grant Grenache - Best of 2017

The Beauty of Grenache

At Folded Hills we are passionate about Grenache. Our winemaker, Angela Osborne, began making wine in 2007, inspired by her love for the variety. Her dedication shines through every bottle. Already with our inaugural vintage, Folded Hills wine has won wonderful accolades.

One of the awards we are most excited about – Wine and Spirits Magazine just named the Folded Hills 2015 Grant Grenache the Best Grenache in California for 2017. We couldn’t be more thrilled to receive such an honor, and grateful to Angela for all that she does!

Part of the beauty of wine is how it evolves and changes. Many regard it as a living, breathing thing. No two years, or vintages, are ever the same. Each shows its own variation, its own voice, a hint of what happened that year. With her dedication to the vineyard, Angela works with the unique conditions of each harvest to share the message of that year in the subsequent wine.

2015 Grant Grenache

The beauty of Grenache lies in its elegance, finesse, and range of attractive flavors. It is both seductive and sensitive. It grows in many regions around the world but for it to truly thrive, the soil, climate and winemaker must all be working in harmony.

At Folded Hills, our soils are a mix of sandy-clay loam spun through with limestone and gravel. Our region enjoys cool mornings and evenings thanks to our proximity to the ocean. The cooler nighttime temperatures mean a longer growing season that brings incredible freshness and flavor to the Grenache, while the soils offer great depth and snappy tension.

In understanding the vineyard, Angela adjusts her winemaking to capture its character. She believes in whole cluster fermentation – using grape stems as well as fruit in making the wine – which brings complexity and spice that would otherwise not be possible. The fruit and their stems must both be tasted and examined to decide what proportion is right for that vintage, another unique element of every year.

2015 Grant Grenache Table Setting

The result of Angela’s winemaking with our beautiful vineyards is a distinctive Grenache with mouthwatering acidity, and spiced, bright fruit character, a wine we are proud to call the best of 2017!

We think of our Folded Hills Grant Grenache as the perfect wine to share with friends and family. Its lovely complexity, and mouthwatering freshness allow for Folded Hills Grenache to be paired with almost any food, as part of the joy and warmth of being with loved ones.  

We encourage you to buy a bottle of our award winning Grant Grenache to enjoy and share before it is sold out!  

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2015 FH Grant Granache - Wine & Spirits Years Best US Grenaches

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